MOFA: 570 Iraqis at Belarusian borders are being taken care of

  • 17-11-2021, 21:10
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    Ministry of Foreign Affairs – MOFA revealed that 570 Iraqis at Belarusian-Polish borders are being Taken care of by the Iraqi diplomatic staff.
    “MOFA, at the beginning of the migrant crisis, in the middle of July, this year, took a group of measures under the guidance of the Prime Minister,“ said the  Ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahaf in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    Al-Sahhaf added that "we have adopted political and diplomatic dialogues as a way to share information and coordinate positions with all of Iraq's partners and friends in the European Union countries, realizing that human smuggling and human trafficking networks are adapting to the measures taken by countries to limit migration waves heading along the border strip between Belarus and Poland,”
    "The suspension of the Iraqi national carrier's flights from Baghdad and Erbil to Belarus, and coordination with some countries neighboring Iraq, such as Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and Qatar, to investigate and audit the numbers that intend to go to Belarus from Iraqi nationals," he pointed out.

    He indicated that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took gradually escalating positions that ended with a temporary suspension of the work of the Belarusian honorary consul in Baghdad and Erbil, and that the Minister of Foreign Affairs made contacts and sent letters to his counterparts in the European Union calling for them to rely on human rights principles and regulations as well as, the need to deal with Iraqi immigrants by appreciating the human condition, especially if we realize the harsh weather conditions they are exposed to along this strip in addition to the acute shortage of supplies and food,"
    Al-Sahaf explained, "MOFA instructed the embassies of the Republic of Iraq in Moscow and Warsaw with consular delegations, and they are now at the Belarusian capital, as well as a consular and diplomatic team at the border region between Belarus and Poland,"

    "We have counted about 570 Iraqi immigrants whose being taken care of officially and correctly proven by our diplomatic staff at the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Warsaw within two border provinces and eight camps on this joint area," he included.