Al-Jubouri: There is no activity for Daesh remnants, Nineveh security is stable

  • 8-11-2021, 15:17
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     Nineveh Governor Najm al-Jubouri confirmed that there are no activities or movements for Daesh terrorist gangs in the province, while indicating that the province is the best in terms of security. 

    Al-Jubouri told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "The security situation in Nineveh Governorate is good, and thanks to the help of our security forces and the cooperation of the people, the governorate is still one of the best security governorates in Iraq." 


    He added that "the security forces have many preemptive operations, including what is carried out by the army, special operations and the popular mobilization in the Makhmour mountains and in the desert stretching between Nineveh, Salah al-Din, Anbar and  Syrian border." 


    He stressed that "there is great harmony between the local government, the security forces and the people, which has reflected positively on the security scene in the province," noting that "there are no significant activities and movements for Daesh terrorist gangs."