Iranian Revolutionary Guard announces the elimination of a terrorist cell

  • 6-11-2021, 15:06
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    In the western province of Alborz, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced, "the arrest of leaders and members of a group that intended to carry out operations to target security while attracting some citizens under ideological  pretexts." 

    In a statement, the Revolutionary Guards' Public Relations said: "Last night, a number of major branches threatened the security of the people and society in a sudden operation carried out by unidentified soldiers." 

    The statement added: "These people are called the "White Renaissance" movement. They distributed leaflets in the streets, made numerous calls, deceived some naive people, hired thugs, and planned extensively to destabilize public order, sabotage and carry out sabotage operations. From the beginning, all their actions and movements were under surveillance by the intelligence and security forces. appropriate and with a revolutionary act, they were arrested and sent to prison.” 

     The statement continued: "All elements associated with the cell have been identified by the province's intelligence community, and the movements of dissident groups are fully monitored by the intelligence and the red line for the sons of the homeland and the nation." 


    Source: Tasnim