Women's rights activists demanded leadership positions to be given to women in the next government

  • 30-10-2021, 14:59
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    Baghdad - INA - Falih Al-Obaidi 

    Women's rights activists and police officers demanded that women must be given leadership positions in the next government, in addition to the state's interest in combating violence against women through the preparation of educational programs and the issuance of legislation and regulations that punish abusers of women. 

    Muna Al-Rubaie, a member of the Supreme Advisory Board of the Afro-Asian Women's Federation, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "violence against women generates great social and family risks," noting that "due to societal pressures on women, violence has spread recently, which has disrupted her role in the advancement of women society".

    She added: "All peoples who aim to advance their reality, they begin to rise through women, because they are half and the spirit of society, rather they are society as a whole. in strengthening the measures taken to reduce violence against women. 

    Al-Rubaie continued, "The Afro-Asian Women's Federation calls for the advancement of the reality of women and their empowerment so that they are able to face life and encourage them to have a role and a high position in the progress of society." 

    For her part, the head of the Women's Journalist Association, Dr. Zahra Al-Jubouri, demanded that "women should have a ministry and not just a ministerial portfolio, because they have assumed leadership positions in state departments and private companies and succeeded in managing them," stressing that "it is fair that Iraqi women be given ministerial portfolios in the expected government formation." .