Al-Sadr: Terrorism and its crimes should not be overlooked

  • 26-10-2021, 23:52
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    Al-Sadr said in a tweet to him on Twitter, which was followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Tuesday, that "terrorism and its crimes should 

    not be overlooked, and we should not be distracted by conflicts over seats and politics, and terrorism should not be forgotten."


    He added: "Here is one of the villages of Muqdadiya that is ravaged by terrorism in the midst of the political conflict. The fighter should not leave the berms, because the terror is still chasing of Iraqis souls, wake up, may God have mercy on you, otherwise, terrorism will return.


    Earlier, Dayala Police Command announced the death and injury of 17 civilians in a terrorist attack on Muqdadiya district. 

    And the leadership said in a brief statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Tuesday, that "a terrorist attack on the village of Rashad in the Muqdadiyah district of Dayala governorate, which resulted of 11 civilians and the wounding of 6 others."