The Presidency of the Republic elaborates the fate of Recover Stolen Funds Act

  • 26-10-2021, 11:18
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    The Adviser to the President of the Republic, Abdullah Al-Zaidi, elaborated on Tuesday, the fate of Recover Stolen Funds Act.
    Al-Zaidi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “Recover Stolen Funds Act was written in the Presidency of the Republic by Iraqi experts, judges, lawyers and university professors, in addition to the contribution of advisers to the Presidency of the Republic by law."
    He added that "The draft law for Recover Stolen Funds Act was sent to the parliament, and then to the Legal Committee, but it was not voted on in this parliamentary session," expressing his hope "that the law will be studied objectively and thoroughly by the House of Representatives in the next parliament with the possibility of the amendment, making observations, and sending it to the Presidency of the Republic again".
    He stressed that “Recover Stolen Funds Act is important for Iraq and provides the state treasury with the money that was stolen, after it is voted on by the parliament."
    Earlier, The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, stressed, that the draft law of Recover Stolen Funds represents a step that complements the basic role of the efforts of state institutions and the integration of roles and coordination between them in combating corruption, as it includes proactive measures aimed at preventing corruption, and subsequent procedures that work to recover stolen funds and its revenues, and to benefit from successful international experiences in combating corruption.