Daesh family arrested west of Nineveh

  • 23-10-2021, 14:05
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    Military intelligence arrested on Saturday an ISIS family west of Nineveh as it crossed the border with Syria.

    "Based on accurate intelligence from the 15th intelligence division, one of the departments of the Military Intelligence Directorate in the Ministry of Defense, which confirmed the movement of several people near the border with Syria," said a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    "Using thermal cameras, they were seen trying to cross the Iraqi borders towards the village of Al-Naiem, which belongs to Rabia district," the statement said.
    "As a result, military intelligence detachments, in cooperation with a ground force from the 2nd Regiment, the 71st Infantry Brigade, ambushed them in the village to arrest them as soon as they crossed the border, and it turned out that they were an Iraqi family of seven people, women, children and one man from Anbar," the statement said.
    "They have been handed over to the competent authorities to take legal action against them," the statement said.