Ministry of Youth: refusing Vaccine will disrupt sport activities

  • 15-09-2021, 09:24
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    Muwaffaq Abdul Wahab, deputy director general of the Physical Education Department at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, said that refusing to be vaccinated by athletes and citizens would disrupt many sports activities.
    Abdul Wahab told the Iraqi news agency (INA) on Wednesday, “many statements via various media that preceded the vaccine's arrival to Iraq have had a significant negative impact on the turnout of citizens in general and athletes in particular, so we have seen a great reluctance," explaining that “it is also due to the lack of community education and awareness in this aspect, and the athlete is part of society and some of them are role models for others.”
    Abdul Wahab said "The refusal to receive the vaccine by athletes and citizens will disrupt many sports activities, calling on the Ministry of Health to organize a larger awareness campaign and to cooperate with responsible sports institutions to select a group of sports stars, art and other community figures whom the citizens trust, to encourage vaccination to save the lives of citizens and to prevent the epidemic from spreading”.
    Abdul Wahab added that “Although the demand for the vaccine has changed a lot now, it has not reached the required level yet, and the coming days may see several requirements forcing the average citizen and athlete to be vaccinated, although no citizen will be forced to take it but the vaccine will be obligatory if imposed by the government in several ways, most notably not to travel, move or enter certain places unless it is proven that the citizen took the vaccine."