PM’s Visit to Iran a serious step to rearrange Iraq’s economic program with neighboring countries

  • 14-09-2021, 18:50
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    Politicians and economists analysts praised, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Mustafa Kadhimi recent visited to Tehran, and while expressing optimism the Prime Minister visit at the regional and international level, they stressed that it represents a major usefulness for Iraq in the long term.  
    Analysts added, "It is possible that Iraq will be a strategy production crossing from the continent of Africa towards China through Iran, which will increase Iraq's economic ability to diversify, in addition to Al-Faw harbor and the possibility of Iran operating from the Faw also from important issues in the long run, especially since the process of operating The harbor will contribute to trade exchange between Asia, the European Union and Africa."
     Al-Kadhimi said in a statement before departure from Iran: "The visit aims to strengthen bilateral relations, open up prospects for cooperation in various fields, and focus on the depth of the relationship between the two friendly countries."
     During the visit, Al-Kadhimi discussed a set of files during bilateral talks with the Iranian president, while noting that Iraq's position is consistent towards its relations with Iran.
     Al-Kadhimi clarified that "Iraq's position is consistent towards its relations with the Islamic Republic," noting that "the government and people of Iraq stand with the Iranian government and the Iranian people in all their challenges and circumstances."
    He stated that "Iraq supports Iran in all its efforts in dialogue to solve all the problems that contribute in the region stability."