MOD: We will not accept attacking demonstrators no matter what

  • 26-05-2021, 15:32
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    Dhi Qar - INA

    Minister of Defense Jumah Inad announced today, Wednesday,  the goal of his visit to Dhi Qar Governorate, while directing commanders and military ranks to contain the demonstrators and not attack them .

    Inad told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "The goal of my visit to Dhi Qar Governorate is to inspect the units in the governorate and to see pre-prepared plans to confront any threat," indicating that "Dhi Qar governorate does not have ISIS, but demand demonstrations according to the law."

    Inad emphasized, "All affiliates, leaders, officers and ranks were recommended to contain the demonstrations not to abuse them under any circumstances."

    He continued, "I visited the headquarters of Dhi Qar governorate and discussed with the governor a number of matters," explaining that "among my powers as defense minister, I will not fail to fulfill some of the matters requested by the governor."