Labor Day .. Home-makers facing challenges

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  • 30-04-2021, 17:51
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    Baghdad - INA

    Despite the difficulties and challenges facing Iraqi workers, their ambition to obtain material and moral benefits remains their great obsession that drives them to continue making more efforts to build this country.

    Many challenges facing the Iraqi worker began with the decline of the industrial reality, the destruction of the infrastructure of Iraqi factories and factories, and the almost complete absence of incentives that support the private sector and encourage young people to move towards employment in private projects and away from government employment, but these challenges still exist and workers are still looking for Legislating laws to be fair to them and lift their injustice. In this regard, the head of the Federation of Trade Unions, Sattar Al-Danbous, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The General Federation of Workers Union in Iraq includes 14 federations from all governorates and six general unions in Baghdad."

    He explained that "for every special profession there is a union, such as the Syndicate of Social and Tourist Services, under which restaurants, hotels, cafes, supermarkets, private universities, private schools, kindergartens, etc. are included, and the Union of Agriculture and Food Industry Workers, under which all factories fall under such as manufacturing sweets, juices, soft and alcoholic drinks, selling fruits and vegetables, etc. The Transport and Communications Union includes transport garages and everything related to communications, in addition to the General Union of Construction and Wood Workers, and this union is concerned with workers who work in rulers and carpentry and many professions under this union, as well as the General Union of Mechanics, Energy and Packaging workers and everything related to mechanics, repair, maintenance, oil and gas ".

    Al-Danbous pointed out that “these unions have a moral personality in terms of financial and administrative independence, as well as in the governorates they have a moral personality and financial and administrative independence and have the right to defend workers before the specialized courts,” pointing out that “there is no accurate statistic about the number of workers in Iraq, because of the interruption factories. "

    He explained that "the number of insured workers is only 350,000 workers, and that the new security law has many disadvantages, and that trade unions have lodged objections because of the raising of articles from 80 to 85, which all include benefits for the retired worker," noting that "the minimum wage is 400." One thousand dinars, up to 750 thousand, and there are retired workers such as engineers, doctors or higher degrees who work in the private sector whose salaries are high, so their salary is more than 750 thousand, and it may reach one million dinars.