Official statement from UEFA regarding the "Super League"

  • 23-04-2021, 20:57
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    Follow-up - INA

    UEFA confirmed today, Friday, that decisions related to the European Super League are still under evaluation.

    The Executive Committee of the European Union said, in an official statement, that decisions related to the Super League are still under evaluation. ”
    The statement added:“ The UEFA Executive Committee was informed of the latest developments regarding the so-called European Super League. ”It concluded:“ The developments include options available to UEFA, and the steps that the European Union is considering taking in the future. 
    And according to press reports, sanctions may reach exclusion from the European championships this season and next season. "
    Twelve major European clubs participated in the new tournament, before 9 clubs announced their withdrawal, while Juventus confirmed the difficulty of establishing the tournament now, while Real Madrid and Barcelona have not retreated so far.