PM: We have succeeded in increasing the CBI reserves

  • 13-04-2021, 17:00
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    Baghdad - INA

    Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi announced today, Tuesday, campaigns to prevent manipulation of commodity prices, while noting that the government had succeeded in increasing the reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq.
    "We congratulate the Iraqi people on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of goodness, love and tolerance," Al-Kadhimi said in a speech during the cabinet session and according to a statement from his media office, which is one of our priorities and on all Ministers make more efforts to provide for these needs. "
    He added, "We came to serve the citizens and overcome the challenges that the country is going through, not for a political goal," noting that "the government has areas in which it has succeeded and other areas that need follow-up and increased work."
    Al-Kadhimi renewed the directive to "the Ministry of Trade to work continuously to provide more foodstuffs in the ration card and to exert its utmost efforts," pointing out that "the increase in commodity prices is mostly linked to the greed of some merchants, and we have campaigns to prevent this price manipulation."
    He stressed that "the government succeeded in increasing the central bank’s reserves of dollars after the reform measures it had taken."