Al-Kadhimi and Barzani stress strengthening security integration

  • 10-04-2021, 17:30
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    INA – Baghdad
    Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi stressed the need to strengthen security integration.
    Al-Kadhimi met the President of the Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani, on Saturday to discuss a number of files that are in the field of cooperation and integration between state institutions in the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government according to the constitution, as well as efforts to counter terrorism and organized crime in Sinjar, according to a statement by the media office of the Prime Minister, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    The two parties discussed the health situation related to the Corona pandemic, the escalation of injuries and the great efforts aimed at providing health services to the injured in addition to providing vaccines.
    Al-Kadhimi praised the progress made in the field of establishing internal constitutional mechanisms, citing the agreement on the Federal Court, and the ability of the Parliament to pass the federal budget, as he expressed his hope that it would be applied accurately, and not to be engaged in interpretations that contradict the provision of services to the Iraqi citizens, in accordance to the principle of justice in the distribution of wealth.

    Al-Kadhimi stressed “the need to strengthen security integration between Baghdad and Erbil in a manner that achieves internal stability and prevents any gap that could be exploited by terrorism or organized crime, in the disputed areas or elsewhere," explaining that "the repeated visits of the region president to Baghdad sends correct messages to all Iraqis, and it contributes to building confidence, demonstrates goodwill, stimulates a spirit of joint cooperation and coordination in all fields for the benefit of the country,” as he referred to his upcoming visit to the Kurdistan region.
    For his part, Barzani expressed his gratitude for the warm reception, and praised the efforts of the Prime Minister politically, economically and diplomatically, stressing that the Iraqi diplomatic effort in the past period, and the visits and meetings intertwined, highlighted “the status owed to the whole of Iraq, and restored its natural role regionally and internationally,”