Al-Sadr reminds the government of 8 important points

  • 8-04-2021, 21:00
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    In His Name Almighty
    it is nice to see the government seeking to legalize the presence of the occupying forces in Iraq, and I would like to remind her of some important points, especially with some forces remaining to train the Iraqi security forces, including:

    First: It should not interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq at all

    Second: That its stay is temporary until a specified period

    Third: Not to make Iraqi lands an arena for attacking any country, especially the neighboring countries

    Fourth: That its survival should not be under the name of occupation, and with it its presence cannot be an absolute military one.

    Fifthly: The sky of Iraq is like its land, its borders are free, and their forces have no involvement in it at all

    Sixth: That its diplomatic representation should not be in numbers that cause worrying and unprecedented diplomatic levels

    Seventh: Ending their presence in military bases and other places and placing them in the hands of the security forces and under an Iraqi supervision 

    Eighth: If it commits to this, then the Iraqi national resistance must stop all forms of military action, and the government must punish everyone who violates this from within or outside, and with foreign forces' violation of this, so we do not rule out issuing an order for military action against them in the future.