IMF: Signs of a global economic recovery

  • 21-03-2021, 16:05
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    Follow up - INA

    The Deputy Director of the International Monetary Fund, Geoffrey Okamoto, confirmed that there are signs of the global economic recovery, warning that there are still great risks, including the emergence of new strains of Corona virus.
    Okamoto said, in a speech to the Chinese Development Forum, that "there are signs of a strong recovery" for the global economy, indicating that the institution will update in early April, next April, global growth projections, which were at the level of 5.5%, to reflect the new estimates. Additional fiscal stimulus in the United States, without giving details.
    However, the second official in the International Monetary Fund stressed "an exceptionally large ambiguity," explaining that there are tangible risks especially related to corona virus mutations that may undermine or delay the global economic recovery.
    Okamoto has raised concerns about the growing gap between advanced economies and emerging markets, with nearly 90 million people falling below the extreme poverty line since the start of the pandemic.
    Since January 2020, the world has been facing a chronic health crisis caused by the outbreak of the new Corona virus infection "Covid-19", which began to spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan and led to huge losses in many sectors of the economy, especially transport, tourism and entertainment, the collapse of global stock exchanges and the acceleration of the decline Energy markets.