Drug dollar .. a plan to control the prices of treatments

  • 21-03-2021, 15:51
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Pharmacists Syndicate announced the preparation of a bill called the "drug dollar", with the aim of restoring drug prices to what they were before raising the exchange rate of the US dollar.
    The second deputy of the Pharmacists Syndicate, Dr. Amjad Haseeb, said in a press statement that “The Syndicate prepared the (Medicinal Dollar) project and it was handed over by the Pharmacists Syndicate to the Prime Minister and Minister of Health,” indicating that “the Syndicate has not yet obtained a clear answer or support for what came With this project ”.
    He added that "the process of importing medicines is subject to the process of the exchange rate of the dollar circulating in the market," indicating that "this bill obliges banks to make the exchange or conversion process into dollars for licensed pharmaceutical offices, according to the previous price without any increase."