Al-Dulaimi determines the implementation options for the Anbar Airport project

  • 19-03-2021, 15:43
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Governor of Anbar, Ali Farhan Al-Dulaimi, confirmed, today, Friday that the governorate airport project is still in the design stage, while he identified two options for financing the project.
    Al-Dulaimi said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Anbar airport is so far in preparing the designs, after completing the Carp project, and obtaining the approval of all relevant departments, its location will be determined."
    He added that "there are two options for financing the governorate airport project, the first from the state budget, and it is hoped that there will be a certain amount to support the project, and the second option is to work towards investment," noting that "there are many advanced companies to invest in Anbar Airport, but there is an attempt to be Funding the project through the state budget, especially the first phase of it.”
    He explained that "Anbar Airport is a big project and will be for shipping goods and transporting passengers outside and inside Iraq," noting that "he requested from the government financial allocations ranging from 50 billion to 100 billion Iraqi dinars, in order to start the stages of the infrastructure and other details, including the governorate airport."