SPC announces the completion of two laboratories

  • 18-03-2021, 18:51
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    Salah Al-Din - INA
    The assistant director of the Samarra Laboratories Company for Drug Production, Khaled Muhei, announced today, Thursday, the completion of the two factories for the production of surgical sutures and sterilizers.
    Muhei said in a special statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the asthma nebulizer laboratory will be completed soon," stressing that "the oxygen plant is one of the obsolete laboratories and needs to rehabilitate and update its production lines in order to be able to meet the needs of the Ministry of Health."
    He pointed out that "the Minister of Industry and Minerals has directed the modernization and development of drug products, similar to other international companies, and to keep abreast of the current developments in the field of the pharmaceutical industry," explaining that "the management of the Samarra Pharmaceutical Company owns five factories, including the Samarra plant dedicated to the production of standard preparations and the Baghdad laboratory for the production of oxygen and other gases." ", Indicating that" the Baghdad plant was shut down and was restarted by order of the Minister of Industry, and was rehabilitated to produce 2,500 liters of oxygen per day. "
    Muhei added, "The Baghdad laboratory is old and needs large sums of money to rehabilitate and develop it to be able to meet the local need," noting that "the company was able to develop other pharmaceutical products within the protocol for the Corona pandemic and were used by the Ministry of Health in treating special cases."