Najaf Governor set the date for COVID-19 Vaccine

  • 30-01-2021, 17:38
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     INA – Najaf

    Najaf governor Louay Al-Yasiri set the date for the new Corona virus vaccine to arrive.

    "Corona virus vaccine will enter Najaf at the beginning of next month, and there will be measures related to the movement of citizens to limit the new virus,” said Al-Yasiri in a press conference attended by Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    Al-Yasiri called for amending the investment law to convert part of the electricity sector into an investment project with government support to end the crisis in Najaf.

    The Services Committee promised to give allocations to solve the stalling projects problem, while confirming that the National Security Agency is assigned to monitor the performance of the municipality in the province, added Al-Yasiri.