Iraq asserts the rejection to US treasury decision towards Al-Fayadh

  • 11-01-2021, 13:33
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    INA – Baghdad

    National Security Adviser Qassim Al-Araji confirmed to the US ambassador in Baghdad, Matthew Toller, Iraq’s rejection of the US Treasury’s decision against the head of the Popular Mobilization Authority, Falih al-Fayadh.

    Al-Araji, received in his office, the US ambassador in Baghdad, Matthew Toller, to discuss the latest political and security developments in Iraq and the region, as well as to strengthen relations between Baghdad and Washington in order to serve the interests of both countries, according to a statement by the Media Office of the National Security Adviser that Iraqi News Agency (INA) received.

    "Iraq seeks to solve and dismantle the crises," said Al-Araji, stressing that we want Iraq to be a meeting point because we can play this role, and everyone should realize that the interest of Iraq is a prority.

    US ambassador touched on Al-Araji's position regarding the US Treasury’s decision on Falih Al-Fayyad, in which he affirmed that “the US Treasury must correct its mistake against a government figure,”

    During the meeting, both discuss Sinjar agreement and Al-Hol port camp with Syria, and the ongoing cooperation in pursuing the remnants of the terrorist cells, as part of the joint international effort to eradicate terrorism, included the statement.