MOH: The seriousness of the epidemiological situation is still present

  • 5-01-2021, 17:14
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Ministry of Health and Environment confirmed Today, Tuesday that its preparations will be started in preparation for receiving the first dose of the Corona vaccine, while it warned against non-compliance with preventive measures for fear of the epidemic situation fueling the development of the existing strain.

    The Director General of Public Health at the Ministry, Riyadh Al-Halfi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Iraqi government represented by the Ministry of Health has concluded an agreement with Kovacs, and the agreement is still underway to equip it with the equivalent of 20% of its population, which is enough to vaccinate eight million people."

    He added, "Contacts are underway with Kovacs for preparations, as preparations have begun to prepare for receiving the first dose of this vaccine in the first quarter of this year, and in the second quarter of it, the other meals begin to arrive in sequence."

    He continued, "The ministry has signed a commitment agreement with Pfizer to supply Iraq with a million and a half doses of the Corona vaccine, and these doses will start in the second quarter, and that the ministry will try to be the first meal in the first quarter," noting that "communication with other companies is ongoing, especially with Trazancal to sign An agreement to supply Iraq with a certain percentage of the vaccine.”