Al-Jubouri: An additional 50 billion dollars for stability and reconstruction

  • 5-01-2021, 15:58
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Governor of Nineveh, Najm Al-Jubouri, announced today, Tuesday, the release of an additional 50 billion dinars as a second payment, as part of the stabilization and reconstruction plan, indicating that the Qayyarah Bridge is in the final stage of rehabilitation.

    Al-Jubouri said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): The ministry "previously received 40 billion first batch of the stabilization and reconstruction plan, and is currently working on it, and now the second batch of 50 billion has been launched, and we are expecting to receive it soon."

    He added, "These sums are part of the total of 60 billion, so we are trying to obtain the other ten billion, through continuous contacts with the Ministers of Planning and Finance," indicating that "we aspire to a lot of stability sums, because of their great positive reflection on the reality of the province.".