Artists and media professionals praise the bravery of the Iraqi army

  • 5-01-2021, 13:42
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    Baghdad - INA

    The head of the Fine Artists Association, Qassem Sebti, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "We stand in honor of an army that is afflicted with the summer fire and the cold of winter, for the sake of the love of Iraq, as a great people gave birth to a gallant army."

    The artist Fawzia Hassan said: "The army is an important force to maintain the balance of Iraq internally and externally, and it is the largest formations of power among the authorities that contribute to building society ... and it is ready to confront blame."

    "The Iraqi armed forces have formed an optimal national value, since 1921, through their participation in patriotic and national wars," she noted.

    Also the artist Mahmoud Abu Al-Abbas pointed out that: "The Iraqi army has a role in protecting the dignity of Iraqis and Arabs," explaining: "The real operations arenas of the Iraqi force in wars have a fundamental role in the entry of the Iraqi army into history from its greatest gates."

    "The Iraqi army stood firm in the face of misfortunes and confronted the brutal campaign that seeks to destroy Iraq," said the Iraqi expatriate artist in Sweden, Jaafar Taoun, noting: "The Iraqi army is elegant in appearance, righteous, and composed of pure men."