Samarra operations secure the areas of the Tigris River

  • 29-12-2020, 14:50
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    Salah Al-Din - INA

    Samarra Operations Command directed to seize the areas where the leveling operations were conducted, which were used as safe hideouts for ISIS gangs in the Tigris River basin.

    The commander of operations, Major General Jabbar Al-Darraji, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Tuesday: "The joint effort of the security forces, the Popular Mobilization Forces and the Ministry of Water Resources conducted bulldozing operations of the middle carrots in the Tigris River basin and the Samarra dam, which was a safe haven for the remnants of ISIS in hiding. And the danger it poses to the safe areas and the denial of citizens from using their lands and benefiting from it, "indicating that" the lands that have been bulldozed will be invested by their owners for the benefit of agriculture and tourism. "