Al-Kadhimi: No illegal weapon possession is allowed

  • 28-12-2020, 12:27
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    Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi affirmed that the task of the current government is to hold early elections, while noting that the illegal weapons are not allowed to threaten the citizen's freedom and security.

    "The central task of the government is to hold early elections, as it is an exceptional government by all standards, in addition to being the product of a popular movement on one hand and a demand by Marja’ and political forces that seek change on the other hand,” Al-Kadhimi said during an expanded meeting to activate the mechanisms of support for the Electoral Commission and the electoral process in a statement by his office that Iraqi News Agency (INA) received.

    PM Al-Kadhimi noted that “the successive governments since 2003 have made the transitional period a sustainable period, and this is one of the biggest reasons that have made the mechanisms harder,"

    "Three basic goals have been achieved during this transitional period that we are now leading, the first of which is an independent prime minister who does not belong to any of the political blocs, an independent election commission, and a fair election law in which the one who gets the most votes wins," Al-Kadhimi stressed, "We have a chance to succeed in terms of restoring people's confidence in the state, the political system and democratic mechanisms, by holding fair elections that will achieve the country's stability”