MOP revealed a study that includes the development of new cities

  • 27-12-2020, 15:43
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    Baghdad -INA

    The Ministry of Planning revealed today, Sunday the remaining amount of investment allocations within its investment component in the 2021 budget, while indicating that the idea of ​​the administrative capital will be implemented near Basmaya on an area of ​​50 square kilometers.

    Ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The remaining investment allocations for the year 2021 within the state's general budget in its investment section will remain of 8 trillion dinars, after paying the dues of oil companies and others, as it will have an impact on the investment reality." , So that the year 2021 will witness the completion of many service projects in many governorates, which will move the wheel of development by providing job opportunities, as well as by providing services to citizens.

    He added, "The ministry confirmed that there are no new projects within the 2021 budget, as priority and focus will be on ongoing projects, which include more than 6000 projects under implementation."

    He pointed out that "there are strategic projects within the budget, including the Faw port project and the Baghdad suspension train project, as well as building 1,000 schools, which are the outputs of the Iraqi-Chinese agreement, as well as projects for Dhi Qar and Mosul airports, and Basra, Babil, Baghdad and Muthanna water projects," stressing that "these projects It will go ahead, because it is an ongoing project and was included in the next budget.”