Reducing Iranian gas will make the energy supply almost non-existent

  • 27-12-2020, 11:48
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Ministry of Electricity said today, Sunday, that reducing Iranian gas will make energy supply almost non-existent.

    "The Iranian side will reduce the supply of gas fuel from 5 million cubic meters to 3 million cubic meters as a result of non-payment of the debts arising from the purchase of gas," said Ahmed Moussa, spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, in a statement to Al-Iraqiya News Channel.

    The ministry spokesman added, "The reduction will make the supply of electricity almost non-existent in Baghdad and the Middle Euphrates," especially since the decision to reduce the rate of Iranian gas supply came two weeks after a similar decision was taken to reduce the processing rate from 50 million cubic meters to 5 million cubic meters.

    Moussa called on "the Ministry of Finance to pay the dues for Iranian gas in order to avoid the loss of electricity."