Al-Janabi: Important files on the top of Al-Kadhimi's visit to Turkey

  • 13-12-2020, 10:19
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    The Iraqi ambassador to Turkey, Hassan al-Janabi, revealed that the visit of Prime Minister Mustafa Al- Kadhimi and the ministerial delegation to Turkey will open horizons for bilateral cooperation and discuss important files in the economic, trade and security fields, stressing the two countries ’keenness to make the visit a success and move forward in developing relations.

    Al-Janabi said, in a telephone conversation with Al-Sabah: “The prime minister will visit Turkey at the head of a high-level delegation on the 17th of this month, at the invitation of the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which will be preceded by a visit by Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, to agree On the most prominent files that will be discussed in the visit.”

    He added, "Among the most prominent files that will discuss the infiltration of terrorists across borders and the military operations associated with them, and the activation and increase of trade exchange, which currently stands at $ 15 billion, in addition to issues of cooperation in the field of water, borders, oil export and import and the economy, as well as activating the joint committees between the two countries, especially the Council.”The highest strategic cooperation between Iraq and Turkey, and the Iraqi Joint Economic Committee headed by the oil and energy ministers of the two countries."

    Al-Janabi noted, "The existence of a thorny legal file, some of it related to frozen Iraqi funds, investment opportunities, combating money laundering activities, and the requirements for cooperation and coordination in this regard," noting that "large numbers of the Iraqi community are present in Turkey, including those who possess legal residency and some of them do not own," They need to find a legal framework to address their conditions, including the need to open Iraqi consulates in the provinces inhabited by large numbers of the community. "