The European Union extends sanctions against Turkey

  • 11-12-2020, 11:52
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     German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday that the European Union has decided to extend sanctions against Turkey, indicating that there is a desire for a positive and constructive dialogue with Ankara.

     And European Union leaders gave the green light at the Brussels summit to work on expanding the "black list" that consists of two employees of the Turkish Petroleum Corporation.

     The European Union has threatened to expand the circle of sanctions against Ankara if it continues to drill in the Mediterranean. Turkey, in turn, called on the European Union to take the role of "honest mediator" in the eastern Mediterranean conflict.

     In a statement, the union stressed the possibility of targeting more individuals, and possibly including some companies and government organizations on the sanctions list, "if Ankara continues to explore in the Mediterranean."

     He renewed his commitment to defending his interests and those of his member states and “as well as preserving regional stability,” indicating that he would “seek coordination on matters related to Turkey and the situation in the eastern Mediterranean with the United States.

     In a statement issued during the European summit held in Brussels, the leaders of the countries of the Union expressed their commitment to protecting all countries of the bloc and supporting regional stability.


     Source: Al Jazeera