PEC reveals the annual cost of importing gas

  • 11-12-2020, 10:59
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    Baghdad - INA


    The Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee revealed the annual cost of imported gas.

     Committee member Amjad Al-Uqabi said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “Importing gas from Iran costs Iraq about two billion dollars annually and is to operate power stations,” pointing out that “there is a mismanagement that lies in the issue of gas investment, despite Iraq's possession of gas.  Natural purity reaches 97% in the Akkas and Mansouriya fields. This gas is not invested. "

     He added, "Regarding crutch gas, a contract was signed with the (Cocas) company before the year of 2014, and the company came and prepared the equipment, but the events of ISIS disrupted its work and pushed it out and delayed work," noting that "the Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee calls on the government and the Ministry of Oil to contract with giant and solid companies."  To provide domestic gas instead of imported, through the investment of the two fields mentioned, in addition to the associated gas in the south.