JOC recall the heroics of our forces on Victory Day

  • 10-12-2020, 11:38
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    The Joint Operations Command remembers proudly this blessed day, which marks the third anniversary of the liberation of the Holy Land from the defilement of defeated terrorism, in front of the determination of the heroic men of the sons of the nation and offers sincere words of congratulations and blessings to the sons of our great people, the people of feats and heroics who have proven to the whole world that they are capable of making miracles and facing challenges in The darkest conditions.

    The joint operations stated in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Thursday, that "the sons of our honorable people embodied in the epic of the liberation of Um al-Rabayin (Nineveh) and the occupied lands the most prominent and noblest meanings of unity and close ranks, so the whole world was dazzled by its blessed response to the rational liberation fatwa of the supreme reference in Najaf that It was and remains a safety valve for Iraq and its people.”

    During the statement, the Joint Operations Command extended a greeting of gratitude and appreciation to our military and security forces of various types and formations in all the governorates of our great Iraq who held their resolve and relied on God to record in letters of light a new history that will remain valid throughout the ages and times with the power of Iraq and its people.

    Greetings of reverence and dignity to those who put in their blood the plan to liberate the land our righteous martyrs and our wounded who sacrificed their lives in order to keep the flag of Iraq throbbing in the sky of glory and dignity in models of pride of altruism and heroism that were not written for others in the course of all nations.