The joint statement of the meeting of the three presidencies and leaders of political blocs

  • 8-12-2020, 13:33
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    Baghdad - INA

    A meeting of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament, and leaders of political blocs was held today, Tuesday, in the Government Palace in Baghdad.

    A statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) stated that "the current developments and developments were presented during the meeting, and the general lines of the federal budget and the outstanding problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government were presented."

    The meeting stressed that "Iraq is going through exceptional circumstances, as a result of the global economic crisis that resulted from the spread of the Corona epidemic, and that economic reform is the necessary solution that must be adopted within the scope of Iraqi political and social solidarity that reflects the unity of the position before the main issues."

    The meeting referred to "supporting government measures to achieve economic reform in the draft federal budget law for the fiscal year 2021, and to ensure solutions to fortify the economy in the face of crises."

    The meeting expressed its support for the continuation of the dialogue between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, to solve the outstanding problems, and to ensure a just treatment of those problems in accordance with the constitution.