Al-Kaabi: The borrowing law has nothing to do with the salary crisis in the region

  • 8-12-2020, 11:52
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     Baghdad - INA

    First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hassan Al-Kaabi today, Tuesday, called on the regional government to take action to address the imbalance and expedite the disbursement of employees' salaries, indicating that the problem of delaying salaries did not occur due to the borrowing law.

    Al-Kaabi said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The problem of delaying the salaries of the region’s employees is not a product of the moment, and it did not occur due to the failure to include a paragraph related to them in the law on financing the fiscal deficit and the vote on it recently in the House of Representatives."

    He added, "The problem started nearly four years ago, and that the only one concerned with it is the regional government, and despite this we call on the latter to open the door to dialogue with the Baghdad government to find a suitable solution for all files within the framework of the constitution, especially the issue of salaries, as they are basically related to food." People and their livelihoods, which should be far from any dispute, as they are first and foremost part of the state’s administrative system. "

    Al-Kaabi called for, "the regional government to take serious action to resolve matters and address the deficiencies that give to expedite the payment of late employees' salaries, as well as to adopt a policy of appeasement and respect for freedom of opinion, expression and peaceful demonstration, which is a legitimate right of every Iraqi individual," stressing that "the situation remains as it is." Failure to listen seriously to protesters over the delay in their salaries will further exacerbate the crisis and lead us to an unhealthy turn. "