PDC: firing Katyusha rockets threaten the stability of Iraq

  • 22-11-2020, 13:02
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    Baghdad -INA

    The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee called on the concerned authorities to uncover the sources of the Katyusha rockets fired towards the Green Zone and hold accountable the negligent parties, while it indicated that the missile launch threatens the stability of Iraq.

    A member of the committee, Ali Al-Ghanimi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Sunday, that "the launching of Katyusha rockets towards the Green Zone is not new, but has accompanied the successive governments in the country, and it represents a security problem and an embarrassment to the government, as targeting embassies and diplomatic missions destabilize the country.”

    He added that "many of the rockets that are being launched towards the Green Zone fall on the homes of the citizens, and they are the only ones affected by that."

    He pointed out that "the security forces are facing a big problem, which is to find an air defense system or an anti-weapons system to confront the missiles that could be launched."