FM to INA: The withdrawal of 500 personnel from Iraq, including the American troops

  • 18-11-2020, 16:56
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    Baghdad - INA

    Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein confirmed today, Wednesday that the withdrawal of 500 personnel from Iraq includes US forces only.

    Hussein said during a press conference attended by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "He held an important meeting with the American ambassador and Iraqi military leaders to discuss the results of the strategic dialogue," noting that "the dialogue referred to the redeployment of US forces outside Iraq, and the withdrawal schedule was confirmed."

    In response to a question from the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA), Hussein clarified that "the withdrawal of 500 personnel from Iraq includes the US forces only," indicating that "the dialogues with the American side are based on government and parliament decisions and the opinion of the rational authority."

    He added, "There are steps that the American side has taken regarding reducing its forces in Iraq, and that the remaining US forces in Iraq are non-combat forces," noting that "the coalition forces came at the request of the Iraqi government."