A miniature museum for lawyers and a book fair in Maysan

Culture and art
  • 14-11-2020, 13:15
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    Maysan - INA


     A group of lawyers in Maysan Governorate opened the first annual book exhibition, and the mini-museum of lawyers at the Scientific Care Hall in the Sports and Youth Directorate in Maysan.  A member of the exhibition committee, lawyer Hazem Razzaq al-Muhammadawi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "This qualitative initiative is the first of its kind with regard to the governorate's lawyers, starting from the date of its establishment in Al-Amarah in 1941 until now."  He added that "more than 40 pictures of the first generation lawyers and pioneers were shown in the city, and the books of some lawyers in the governorate were also displayed, Pointing out that "a group of photographers, artists and illustrators in Maysan participated in the exhibition alongside the Community Police."