MOH warns of an increase in Corona cases in the winter season

  • 8-11-2020, 12:33
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    Baghdad - INA - Karrar Khalil

    The Minister of Health and Environment Hassan Al-Tamimi confirmed that Iraq is still in the first wave of Corona virus, while he warned of an increase in infections in the winter season.

    Al-Tamimi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Iraq is still in the first wave and three months ago, it has recorded cure rates, either higher or equal with cases of injuries, and the situation so far is under control with regard to the procedures of the Ministry of Health."

    Al-Tamimi expressed his "fears about the expansion of injuries with the start of the winter season and the negligence of patients or citizens in adhering to the prevention instructions that may lead to an increase in the number of injuries, especially with the increase in Corona injuries in countries around the world and neighboring countries such as Jordan, Iran and Turkey."

    He explained, "With the spread of the global epidemic and the increase in injuries and deaths, the recovery rate in Iraq has reached 86 percent, and this is a good indicator, but we need citizen cooperation to control this epidemic."