PM inaugurates the largest tower of gas industry in Basra Gas Company

  • 5-11-2020, 12:25
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    The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, inaugurated today Thursday morning, a gas tower, which is the largest of its kind in the gas industry, which was implemented in the Basra Gas Company.

    The Information Office of the Council of Ministers said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency that " Al-Kadhimi praised the efforts of the workers and those in charge of this vital project, which represents an important economic pillar for the country, And a step towards real development away from the traditional dependence on crude oil, to Iraq and to Basra Governorate, which deserves a lot from us.”

    The statement clarifies that the partnership between Iraqi institutions and companies and sober international companies is an ideal way to advance the Iraqi economy and job opportunities for youth to serve the country.

    Al-Kadhimi also explained that "The economic crisis that the country is going through prompts us to think about the future and build a solid, real economy that does not depend entirely on oil, in order to achieve a better life for all Iraqis."

    Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar stated earlier that the equipment is the largest in the Basra Gas Project, with a total capacity of 400 million cubic feet, expected in the construction of the two phases by the end of 2022, as part of the Ministry's plan to eliminate the phenomenon of gas burning in the graduation fields and the direct effort of the Ministry in its management.