GCMS: We achieved 68% growth in sales last September

  • 3-11-2020, 12:59
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    Salah Al-Din – INA - Falih Al-Obaidi


    The General Company for Medicines and Medical Supplies in Samarra, one of the companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, announced today, Tuesday, that it achieved a significant growth in its sales during the month of September.

    The general manager of the company, the pharmacist Abdul Hamid Al-Salem, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The company achieved a growth in the percentage of its sales during the month of September of this year compared to its sales in the month of September of last year, and by 68% despite the economic crisis that the world is suffering from due to the spread Corona Pandemic.

    He added, "This achievement came as a result of the production and marketing plans set by the top management by producing new preparations for the first time in the country and focusing on the production of typical preparations that the country needs under these circumstances, as well as the marketing plan adopted by the company this year by granting specialized marketing agencies for preparations." That greatly affected the improvement of the company's performance. "