Counter-terrorism: Our operations have weakened Daesh

  • 26-10-2020, 13:55
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    INA - Baghdad - Amna Al-Salami

    Counter-Terrorism Service confirmed that the continuation of the special operations weakened Daesh terrorist gangs in terms of logistical and leadership, indicating that the terrorist gangs lost many leaders, due to those operations.

    "The Counter-Terrorism Service continues to carry out its qualitative operations, especially in remote areas, to purify them from the clutches of Daesh gangs," said the spokesman for the Counter-Terrorism Service, Sabah al-Numan, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    He stressed that "the continuation of special operations weakened terrorist gangs to the lowest level, whether from the logistical side or leadership side, due to the arrest of the leaders,"

    Al-Numan pointed out that "the Counter-Terrorism Service has been implementing, for five months, a strategy to combat terrorist gangs, which has paid off with the arrest of large numbers of terrorists, as well as the killing of Daesh terrorist leaders,"