A millionaire spends millions so that people live 200 years

  • 18-10-2020, 14:58
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    Follow up - INA

    Russian millionaire Sergey Young invested millions in the so-called “science of immortality”, spending about 100 million US dollars on biotechnology to extend human life for a period of up to 200 years.

    According to the American "Fox News" website, Young is a self-made investor who made millions out of his own efforts. He was the advisor to the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, as he wants from behind his investment to increase the life span of a billion people.

    The Russian millionaire thinks about using electronic body parts, and other vital ones that are printed with the 3D printer technology, to greatly extend the life of humans, as he meets annually with more than 100 companies specialized in this.

    The money is now spent on a range of technologies, including making robots, replacing organs implanted in bioreactors in the body, and artificial intelligence research.

    Young said in a statement: “80 years ago, the average life span on Earth was 43 years, and now in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, the average life span is between 75 to 80 years, so we will continue to strive to extend the life span, through a more lifestyle. Technological advances and changes in healthcare. "

    Young explained, "The biggest problem with replaceable organs or artificial body parts is the reaction of the body's own immune system when transplanted, as the body believes that it is a foreign body and does everything to reject it, indicating that using lymph nodes fluid is a way to solve the problem, to implant it directly inside the body".

    Source: Arm News