Ministry of Immigration: Efforts to alleviate the housing crisis for the internally displaced

  • 18-10-2020, 14:56
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    Baghdad - INA - Muhammad Talbi

    Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Immigration and Displacement announced efforts to alleviate the housing crisis for the displaced, while indicating the completion of the currency camp to transfer the families of ISIS gangs to it, after completing its security fortification, calling on the international community to support Iraq's efforts to help the displaced in the winter.

    The Undersecretary of the Ministry, Karim Al-Nouri told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “Last week we had a tour in Maysan Governorate, where there was a housing complex for the displaced, and we distributed 300 plots of land to alleviate the housing crisis, in addition to that we went to Basra, where there was a housing project. Relying on the management of Al-Mutasim Company of the Ministry of Housing and Construction.

    He added, "The ministry formed a committee because of the delay, as the project started in 2011 and has not been completed until now."

     Efforts to provide housing for the displaced

    He pointed out that "there is great cooperation between Basra Governorate and the Ministry, which will contribute to providing housing for the displaced, as priorities have been set, including those with special needs, the elderly, and the families of the martyrs and the wounded," noting that "the governor of Basra pledged to establish elevators for the elderly and people with special needs."

    He pointed out that "there are many housing projects in the rest of the provinces," noting that "the ministry is in the process of establishing housing complexes in Karbala and Muthanna."

     Number of ISIS families in Al-Hol camp

    He explained that "Al-Hol camp is located in the Hasakah region in eastern Syria, and ISIS families of several nationalities reside in it, but the total number of Iraqi individuals is 31 thousand, distributed between 12,000 women, 6,000 men, and 13,000 children."

    He pointed out that "their stay there may cause them to be polarized by the extremist parties, and develop in them the spirit of killing and terrorism, while bringing them to Iraq may be a time bomb, due to the fragile security situation."

    Psychological rehabilitation

    He stated that "the Iraqi constitution and morals do not allow punishment of the child for his father's crime, but ISIS children at the same time need psychological rehabilitation and guidance."

     External support and internal objections

    He indicated that "the ministry has an intention to place them in the currency camp located in Zummar, which is fully prepared, but we need security checks, and what is required of them goes to the judiciary, and we also need to surround these places with a security cordon, so that we do not allow them to infiltrate into residential areas."He cautioned that "the international community supports their transfer to Iraq, but there are political and social objections to their entry."

    The suffering of the displaced

    Al-Nouri explained, "The economic crisis that the country is going through has cast a shadow over all aspects of life, but that will not be an excuse for the shortcomings towards the displaced, as there must be action at the international level to help them, especially as we are heading to winter."

    He stressed "the importance of the cooperation of the international community and humanitarian organizations with the state, to participate in supporting the displaced, to extricate the displaced from the difficult situation, especially in the winter season."