Al-Jabri: The constitution needs fundamental amendments

  • 18-10-2020, 14:48
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    Baghdad - INA - Karrar Khalil

    A member of the constitution writing committee, Nadim Al-Jabri, confirmed today, Sunday, that the constitution needs substantial amendments, not minor amendments.

    Al-Jabri told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "there are three trends in the issue of amending the constitution. The first believes that the constitution needs only minor amendments, and I think that this will be part of the problem and not the solution," indicating that "the second direction is one of the parties." The opposition to the political process, which calls for the abolition of the constitution, and the consequences thereof. "


    He pointed out that "the third trend, which is the safest solution, is by making fundamental amendments to the constitution," noting that "the constitution, since 2010, and is no longer valid to organize the political constitutional process, so it needs fundamental amendments."

    Al-Jabri added that "there are many flaws in the constitution, and one of the shortcomings is the frequent referral of constitutional texts to ordinary laws, and that there are more than 50 constitutional articles that are referred to legal legislation, and some of them should have been confirmed in the constitution," pointing out that "it is not correct." Refer the formation of the Federal Council to ordinary laws, otherwise how it will be a match for the House of Representatives if the House of Representatives is established by the constitution, and the Federal Council is established by the law, while in legal terms the Federal Council will be higher, and this legislation is not appropriate and a fundamental amendment must be made to the constitution, and prove The texts relating to the Federal Council are within the constitution, and not in the ordinary laws.