Salih: Closing corruption outlets and recovering stolen money is an urgent national task

  • 15-10-2020, 12:47
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     Baghdad - INA

    Today, Thursday, the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, discussed with the Head of the Integrity Commission, Judge Alaa Jawad Hamid, ways to preserve state funds, close corruption outlets, and recover looted funds.

    A statement issued by the media office of the President of the Republic, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that "Salih stressed during his meeting with the head of the Integrity Commission, Judge Alaa Jawad Hamid, on the importance of the role that the commission plays in combating corruption, and in complementarity with the rest of the relevant departments." Preserving state funds, closing corruption outlets, recovering looted funds, and stopping public waste has become today an urgent national task, and a fundamental foundation for a capable state serving its citizens.

    He added, " Salih pointed to the danger of corruption in feeding acts of violence and terrorism, weakening the role of institutions in meeting the needs of citizens, and negatively affecting investment opportunities in the country," stressing the importance of activating all legal and practical measures in combating corruption, and uncovering smuggled and corrupt funds. Through coordination with the relevant countries and institutions of the international community, and the use of international expertise and experiences in this regard. "