Mulla Talal: The deployment of US forces outside Iraq is underway

  • 13-10-2020, 16:35
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    Baghdad - INA

    A spokesman for the Prime Minister, Ahmed Mulla Talal, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the deployment of US forces outside Iraq is underway, while noting that the White Paper is a basis for future governments.

    Mulla Talal said during the weekly press conference, which was attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the white paper is considered a developmental policy for the wrong policies over the past decades, and it is a reform program for financial and economic affairs in Iraq," noting that "the white paper is the basis for future governments."

    On holding early elections, Mulla Talal indicated that "the task of the current government is to prepare for the holding of early elections."

    With regard to the agreement between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil regarding the Sinjar district, Mulla Talal stated that “one of the terms of the Baghdad-Erbil agreement regarding Sinjar is the search for survivors of Yazidis, Shabakat, or Turkmen women,” stressing that “intelligence cooperation with neighboring countries to return the largest number of abducted women.”

    Mulla Talal commented on a round of strategic dialogue with the United States, saying: "The deployment of American forces outside Iraq is underway," revealing that "there is a round of strategic dialogue that will take place later to complete the steps taken in the previous two rounds."

    He stressed that "Al-Kadhmi will visit the European Union next week."