Mosul .. the first international film with an Iraqi dialect

Culture and art
  • 13-10-2020, 13:13
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    Baghdad – INA

    On the occasion of Netflix's announcement of its willingness to display the Iraqi movie "Al-Mosul," directed by Matthew Carnahan, in the Iraqi dialect, on its giant platform next November to show a positive image of the great people of Mesopotamia.

    The Iraqi News Agency (INA) surveyed a number of stakeholders regarding art and literature, which can document events and history with distinction.

    Director Nizar Shahid said: "The aesthetic discourse is more eloquent than others ... especially in diplomatic ties, which collapse for the simplest reasons, because they are more subtle than the spider's web," stressing that "to the extent that the media conveyed a terrifying image of Iraq, arts and literature dealt with facts in an aesthetic language. Convincing succeeded in conveying the reality of Iraq, the people of civilizations and the ideal heir of genius and belief in life for the sake of God, instead of death for the sake of Satan. "