PHC: the decrease in Corona cases is a positive sign

  • 11-10-2020, 16:08
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    Baghdad - INA

    Today, Sunday, the Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee confirmed that the decrease in the number of infections with the Corona virus is a good indicator, ruling out a second wave of Corona for many reasons.

    A member of the committee, MP Hassan Khatti, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The decrease in the number of injuries is a great positive indicator, but we may not rely on these numbers. Rather, we are counting on the balance for two months between injuries and recovery, which gives us good outcomes and control for institutions."

    He added, "Iraq is still within the first wave and has a graph starting from the number of injuries in the tens, then hundreds and then thousands, but with a horizontal line, and we did not return to the zero state or in the tens, so we are in the third stage of the first wave."

    He ruled out that "there will be a second wave, because Iraq is not like other countries," noting that "Iraq has variables, including the forty-day visit, as more than three weeks have passed, and despite this, we record fewer cases and greater recovery."