Al-Mustansiriya University: The preparations for the start of the next academic year have been completed

  • 6-10-2020, 12:01
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    Baghdad – INA

    Today, Tuesday, Al-Mustansiriya University announced its readiness to start the next academic year, while indicating that a plan was prepared in line with the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education.

    The President of Al-Mustansiriya University, Hamid Fadhil Al-Tamimi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has taken a number of decisions and instructions regarding the next academic year, including the decision of integrated education between e-learning and the applied aspect of materials that need laboratories, such as medicine engineering, science and other disciplines. "

    He explained that "the university's plan for the academic year will be consistent with the ministry's instructions," noting that "education will be integrated between e-learning for theoretical subjects and urban education for the practical side."

    Al-Tamimi added that "the university recorded, last year, positives for implementing the e-learning system, as well as recording some negatives, and a plan was developed to overcome them in the next academic year."