Al-Kadhmi's advisor: The Electoral Commission is considering reorganizing the Security Committee

  • 6-10-2020, 09:39
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     Baghdad - INA


    The Advisor to the Prime Minister for Elections Affairs, Abdul-Hussein Al-Hindawi, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the Electoral Commission is studying the process of organizing the Security Committee in a way that closes the gaps that appeared in previous times.

    Al-Hindawi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "There has been a security committee since the last elections, consisting of military leaders, especially from the Ministry of Interior, and from various fields and regions," stressing that "there is an attempt to review this committee and develop it in a way that serves the next process."

    He added, "Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhmi stressed the importance of filling the security gaps that appeared in previous times, and they should be addressed," noting that "the Electoral Commission is now studying the process of organizing this committee again in an appropriate manner."

    With regard to the election law and multiple constituencies, Al-Hindawi pointed out that "the government’s options are the same as those decided by Parliament, so the latter is required to complete the election law as soon as possible."

    He explained that "the commission desperately needs the election law, and it has also started the biometric registration process," noting that "the two main points are the voter register and the election law, so that the commission can schedule in a smooth manner, and conduct clean elections, and on time."